OPEX Element 6's Staff

Meet the team that makes it all possible

OPEX Element 6 | Sky Van Horn
Sky Van Horn
Owner & Head Coach

As Owner, Master Coach and Practitioner my Mission-Vision/Core Purpose is to help everyone unleash their greatest self. Through Up-lifting and Up-leveling your health and fitness we bring in the po...

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OPEX Element 6 | Emily Lanigan
Emily Lanigan
Coach / Nutritional Expert

As a Full-time Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, she understands that while exercise is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, it is only about 20% of the equation. The other 80% is how we are spending the rest of our day

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OPEX Element 6 | Dayna Larsen
Dayna Larsen

A recent graduate of CU Boulder in Biological and Chemical Engineering, with pre med. Now focuses on OPEX Fitness coaching.

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OPEX Element 6 | Ashley W. Marie
Ashley W. Marie
Licensed Acupuncturist

Ashley is most interested in unleashing her superpowers through the Eastern medical arts, food as medicine, plant intelligence, brain health & performance, circadian regulation, natural movemen...

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OPEX Element 6 | Charlie-Mac Drury
Charlie-Mac Drury
Executive Assistant

As executive assistant at OPEX Element 6 Boulder, Charlie-Mac keeps in touch with our community through social media and outreach projects. He is a Kung Fu apprentice at E6, and is currently in sch...

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