You will get personalized nutrition coaching and support in many different forms: performance optimization, injury prevention and recovery, and overall health and wellness. Here we will address the mental and emotional barriers that may be standing in the way of your success. We use clear language and simple concepts to explain complex physiological processes. You will get tailored nutrition plans to suit your current training program and needs.

At E A L Nutrition we believe there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition formula. Your best diet is the diet that works best for you. Working one on one with a Coach allows for the opportunity to create a truly customized plan to reach your goals. Whether they are weight loss, performance, or just a more healthy relationship with food we can help you get there. 




Don't worry, getting started with my nutrition program is easy. We typically work with clients for three to six appointments or longer depending on your goals. I recommend 1–2 weeks between these coaching appointments so you can integrate and work on your plan. I do recognize that sometimes life happens and you may need additional support or coaching through this process, so I will be available to help you along this amazing journey as you need it between scheduled sessions.

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