If you have signed up for your first Element 6 Bootcamp session or are considering doing so, congratulations! We are looking forward to having you join our E6 community. For those who are interested in this program, we want to help you get started and make sure you are as comfortable and prepared as possible. If you’d like to give our signature E6 Movement 6 Bootcamps a try but aren’t sure what to expect, here’s a quick breakdown of our Bootcamp programs and how to prepare for your first Bootcamp, coaching or private programed session.

Who Can Do E6 Movement X Bootcamps?

Many people think Movement X is only for active athletes and people who are already in shape. We believe Movement X is for anyone who wants to commit to a healthy lifestyle and functional fitness. We are happy to serve men and women of all fitness levels at Element 6.

Starting Movement X Out of Shape?

Many people wonder if they are fit enough to do Movement X, or fear not being able to keep up with the class. Our E6 Bootcamp is designed for people who want to get a taste ofE6, Movement X and learn what the lifestyle is all about it. It’s geared towards those who are new to Movement X and haven’t done these types of workouts before. You don’t need to be in top shape, all you need to do is show up and get your ass to class!

Class Format and Workout?

At Element 6, our Bootcamps will always include warmups activation movements and stretching, speed and agility training, and a Workout of the Day. Our Bootcamps are typically between 10 and 15 people, which enable you to complete the workout at your own pace and still get one on one attention from our expert coaches. Athletes are coming in to these Bootcamps at different levels of fitness, life and body goals…so we expect people to finish at different times, and we always tailor the workout to your current level of ability. This may mean changing the amount of weight or doing modified exercises to fit your personal needs to get your personal results.

The goal of these workouts is to give you the foundation you need continue your fitness lifestyle and training that will get you the results you want and to unleash your greatest self. You will hone your agility, tap into your inner and outer power and learn the right technique for weight training to avoid injury, and of course, get in the best shape of your life.

How to Prepare and What to Wear?

In terms of preparation, make sure you drink lots of water beforehand. Always wear clothes you are comfortable moving and sweating in along with shoes that you can run, jump and lift in. The most important thing for our Element 6 Bootcamps is to show up, we’ll do the rest!

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At Element 6 Boulder, we believe that the freedom to change up your routine gives you the power to change your body and your mind. We will never give you “just another Bootcamp.” We are committed to give you those amazing fat torching, heart pumping, hour classes that are designed to up-lift and up-level your life and body and get you the results and goals you desire.

Our Bootcamps:

Endurance Bootcamp: Endurance is designed to be 1 hour of nonstop movement designed to burn that fat, increase your metabolism, and make you sweat hard. This Bootcamp is about building the endurance of your body and mental toughness. In these 60 minutes, we will challenge you with something new and different every session. It doesn’t matter if you are an endurance athlete or someone looking to jumpstart your fitness, this class is for you. In this Bootcamp there is nowhere to hide! You don’t have to be “in shape”, all you have to be is willing to work.

Trilogy Bootcamp: This Bootcamp combines what is considered to be the three most important elements of fitness (movement, strength, & conditioning) into one of the most effective one-hour Bootcamps you have ever experienced. Each session will start with active mobility and flexibility work designed to undo the negative effects from years of sitting, typing, texting, etc. The class will then progress into precise and controlled strength work that teaches you how to do every day activities properly such as lifting, standing, putting things above your head. This Bootcamp is designed to build your physical ability and confidence. Finally, each session will end with high intensity workouts leaving you drained but secretly looking forward to the next sessions. We don’t do any of the technical Olympic lifts you see in CrossFit, but we sure do train just as hard. And of course – we adjust everything for all skill levels!

Her Bootcamp: Our Bootcamp for Women programs at Element 6 are designed specifically for women, and can dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 1 month. In our women’s Bootcamp we focus on strengthening our minds just as much as our bodies. We throw away the old standards and embrace the beauty of a strong, confident and fit woman. We unlock a new level of self-confidence by accomplishing physical tasks we never knew were possible. Our nationally certified health and fitness experts create workouts designed specifically for a woman's body. Modifications of each exercise are given in every class, making the Bootcamp experience accessible to any of the ladies who may already be in great physical condition as well as those who have never worked out before.

We've added CONVENIENCE and FLEXIBILITY for the majority of our women! Our Bootcamps meet 3 times per week. But we understand most want flexibility, whether that is because the class time doesn't work one day or your motivated and want more - NOW you can get up to date personalized workouts to come in and do on your own to make up for the missed class or to add more because you just can't get enough and need more in the month outside the "In-house camp."

When you first arrive at Element 6, you will be greeted by our friendly trainer who truly cares about helping you, and you will meet other women who share some of the same interests, goals and concerns that you have.

A week before the Bootcamp begins you will receive a 30 minute session to do a full body composition and you will also have an opportunity to talk about what life, fitness and health goals that you personally what to achieve during the next 4 weeks.

Your Bootcamp will meet 3 days a week. You always get a fat-blasting, full body workout, and all exercises are shown at various levels, so everyone is working at their own pace. Your trainer will be there to encourage you and keep you accountable! Your trainer will even check in on you if you miss class. We love to keep our ladies accountable. Our workouts are always fun and challenging. They are always changing to keep your muscles guessing and created for results.

We will uncover a new understanding of our mental strength, by enduring through different, challenging, cardiovascular workouts every day. At the end of an hour we leave tired, sweaty, and little bit stronger in every way. You don’t need to “be fit” when you come in, but you will be a lot closer when you leave.

Get ready to be in the best shape of your life, have fun and build lasting relationships with other powerful women in the Element 6 community.

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1. Expert coaching. The bootcamp world is filled with passionate, fitness enthusiasts that have started classes to spread their love, passion and to help others. This is completely amazing! BUUUUUT many trainers lack knowledge about the important things like energy systems, volume control, progressions, and most importantly – proper movement mechanics. The unfortunate consequences are that your results aren’t where they could be, work outs can get repetitive, AND at this point you are at a much higher risk for injury. Our coaches are not trainers, they are experts on all of these nerdy fitness things. We study and research this stuff for fun…yes you heard it right, we are obsessed with all thing health and fitness. We have more certifications, specialization courses, and years of experience than most people will accumulate in their lifetime. In other words, you are in good hands!

2. We build custom programs just for you. Every person that walks through our doors is able to meet with us to set goals and create a program to achieve them. Sometimes that program will consist of just Bootcamps. Most of the time though we will create a program that recommends supplementing your Bootcamp with a few other things such as bodywork, nutrition and assessory work that will have the most efficient tools to achieve your goals.

3. You have options! Of course, you can choose between our three Bootcamp styles, but your programing is designed to also give you access to our E6 treatment and nutrition and individually private coaching facility and programing as well. Element 6 Health and Fitness facility is where you will Up-lift and Up-level your body, mind and life so you can unleash your greatest self. At Element 6 you will not get bored and your body will not get used to it!

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