Sky Van Horn

As Owner, Master Coach and Practitioner my Mission-Vision is to help everyone unleash their greatest self. Through Up-lifting and Up-leveling your health and fitness we bring in the power of happiness that changes not only our bodies but also our life.

I bring a dynamic, refreshing and very unique style with attitude to this health and fitness profession. Through my own injuries from competitive sports for most my life and an intense study in alternative medicines and forms of movement for 17 years I have created a system through the way of integrating specialized Western massage techniques of Structural Integration, Orthopedic and Advanced Sports Massage (injury prevention and rehabilitation) with the time- tested and proven Eastern arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage, Tuina, Shiatzu, Level 1 CrossFit and OPEX(in-training) coaching, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga, Gung Fu, Tai Qi Chuan and Qi Gung. This style is results driven to help each client up-lift and up-level their health and fitness...their life.


Emily, the owner and founder of E A L Nutrition grew into the role of a Nutrition Coach organically. She struggled with weight and an unhealthy relationship with food for many years before deciding to do something about it. This lead to years and years of trying everything- every gimmick, diet, cleanse, and etc before she landed with a Nutrition Coach herself, truly changing her life. It was personal experience that brought her here. As a Full-time Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, she understands that while exercise is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, it is only about 20% of the equation. The other 80% is how we are spending the rest of our day. Nutrition, Sleep, Recovery, and Stress Management are just some of the components that play a role in how she coaches her clients to living their healthiest life. It was living her life as an example to others that had others seeking her out as a Coach.


Nutritional Coaching Institute - Level 1 Nutrition Coach Certification

University of Colorado SOS Nutrition Program

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity

Power Monkey Gymnastics + Olympic Lifting 



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